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About Me

Hi, my name is Justin Mayer. This is my personal website...

What I do? I spend my time doing entrepreneurship with Justin Mayer Group Inc. I used to be a golf professional/professional golfer, sales cordinator and music artist/producer...

What can I do for you now? II offer consultation, marketing, web & graphic design, domains & hosting through Justin Mayer Group Inc. Please visit Justin Mayer Group for more info or scroll down to my company section for the more information or contact me on Twitter. I also have music available for streaming or licensing, a golf book to help you improve your score and lower your handicap without having to spend all day hitting balls as well free downloads for SEO and marketing related things.

What Cool Things Have I Done? I've won numerous academic awards such as Math and Business and scholarships for top grades. I've competed in sports, Golf and Basketball and have numerous MVPs and All-Stars. I was a golf professional and professional golfer. I've won tournaments and even won money against someone who played some of the time on the PGA Tour. I was a two-time MVP for the Durham Lords. I was on the All-Ontario Golf Team. I won the first tournament I played in college. I've played music in an arena, I've had and have songs on Prime-Time Television, I've had some commercial and college radio play, I've been nominated for two BCIMA's and I've produced over 1000 songs by and for myself. I learned how to play golf at a high level and how to produce and perform music at a high level.

I recently published a book about golf called "Play Winning Golf".

Justin Mayer Group was recently selected as a finalist in the 2022 Vancouver Island Business Awards finishing as a runner up.

True Mint Blueprints was selected as Best Graphics Communication Company in British Columbia for 2022.


Years JMG has been operating

*As of December 15, 2022


Years Solopreneur

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Latest Album - 8 Songs - Pop/Urban

Uptempo songs with piano, strings, synth, pan flute and electronic drums. Male vocals singing with some rapping and spoken word.

  • 1. Good Day
  • 2. Hey Girl
  • 3. More Than Body Oh

More Music

Hand Drawn/Designed Typefaces

Typeface & Font Bold Headlines

Welcome to my first and most relevant font. Based on an advertising font for bold in your face headlines, it is designed in all lower case and meant to pop creating perfect in your face marketing messages that look modern. 


Typeface & Font Elegant Subheadlines

To balance my first font, I designed this one as its partner. An elegant stylish lower and upper case font, to support your headlines with subheadlines.

The Worlds First & Only Organizational Marketing Health Index & Report

Get a thorough analysis on your marketing using my proprietary marketing health index. Scoring you in 40+ different categories related to marketing, you will receive a tangible understandable score you can use to improve. Receive action steps, rankings, areas to improve, areas of strength, a breakdown on your best marketing and your worst marketing.

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Few words from my clients



Barry Casson c.s.c

Film Producer, Author, Public Speaker.

This letter is in support of Justin Mayer. I met Justin after having a bad experience with another marketer. I couldn't believe what a difference it makes having someone like Justin handle my marketing needs. He is personable, smart and really knows his business. I rely on him totally for all my needs and he never lets me down. I would highly recommend his company to anyone looking for honest, forward-thinking business marketing. Barry Casson c.s.c. 


Dr. Paul

Holistic Health Coach

The Website is very SUPER! No matter how many years we would be attempting to improve the website on our own, we would never come even close to your masterpiece! THANK YOU for FANTASTIC Quality work done with Passion!


Dvora Levin


Justin did an amazing job on my book of poetry, not only in layout and copyediting, but most importantly coming up with an insightful cover that gave deeper meaning to the poems. In addition, he worked in consultation with me throughout, the whole process taking 4 months, unheard of in the publishing world. I have recommended him to other poets on their way to publishing.

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