i have a business, i have made a firm decision, and i did it awhile ago. i am not suicidal or miserable, i am confident happy optimistic and ready to go. Pop is currently trying to get me to either commit to some sort of deal or else commit suicide. They are doing this through aggressive although passive and difficult to track means, sometimes. The detective fees are somewhat large and the case a disaster for them, thus causing them even more concern and worry. I am merely still getting the message around how far out of music i am. Furthermore to those that dont know who i am, i like bi women or even lesbos, and am not the biggest fan of marriage, however of course support anyone who chooses as such. I am into polyamory which of course anyone with even rudimentary knowledge knows is not polygamy but something very legal and very accepted in society. I truly hope everyone can read this and take it straight to the point, i never chose pop and i never make pop music and music was two industries ago for me. i toe/tow the line between commerce and art and deviate a bit here and there per project. I have opened a different business in a different industry and am working through some incredible hype buzz and opportunity, however all still low key and not public. I am dealing with relationship and personal things at all times and im so sorry that my life is so far in a different direction then so many who ever knew me in my past. I will continue on diligently working hard and i will be accepting of listening to all same industry opportunities, however as most know there are often people with more interest then others and i may or may not have already pre-negotiated something, to the point i and perhaps others are spreading the word of a deal, this alone has generated significant collateral damage and blowback and has resulted in significant trouble for many people and business, hopefully this will all resolve itself. I will offer independent contracting of other services and skills whenever there is a need to make up money, if there is, instead of going to drugs or crime. I also want to finish by once again many many many days, weeks and months on, suggest very sternly to please get in direct contact with me for almost everyone involved, else please watch me stick to what i say, as slow pace as it might go sometimes. This is a tough economy and times are crazy, please be assured that some patience, when we dont have any, will be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time.