Please everyone do not try to save me from my personal choices. I have proven the aptitude through numerous years to display good healthy choices based on all the varying contributing factors. I assure everyone the business of music, fashion, the show and politics are a dead end for me, music however is not. Music is not my livelihood and is not my livelihood nor am i looking for music to be my livelihood. I have taken steps in other directions and i will continue in those directions. Music meant a great deal to me and continues to however i cannot do any more for music or with music then what i have done and will do. I will release this music digitally only and try to stay away for the time being certainly, from using it an effort to promote or further my new business. I apologize for how everything sounds and looks, i am and will continue to do my best in an effort to make sure all my debauchery is of the finest taste and utmost of class. I apologize that this is who i am and i cannot waste any more of my time or life being dragged down and into situations and relationships, industries and circles, that are a bad fit and not constructive to positive healthy relationships nor conducive to productivity, gains or advancement. I am a simple business man that made some music from an aloof and observant position whereupon i wore the hat of the artist due to lack of more people being involved which thus forced me to write a certain way to bolster an image and a brand that i felt had a chance and stood out as the right sort of brand might work for music. That is all. I terribly apologize for all that happened and i hope to continue to move on from music and in new directions with new people in new areas. Thanks for taking the time to listen and read. Justin Mayer